About Us

Vision "Unabashed Impeccability"

Our vision is to deliver our services with unabashed impeccability enabling our clients experience the power and magic of being truly connected.


Mission: "Sustainable Business Outcomes through Information Technology"

System Integrity (SI) is an outcome oriented information technology systems integrator. Our mission is to create sustainable differentiators that lower operating expenses, raise productivity, improve customer service and retain employees; increasing the probability of allowing our clients to keep their margins.



Who We Are 

As Computer Network System Integrators, we understand that Information Technology impacts key business drivers that grow revenue and control costs.   Meeting your technical performance and capabilities requirements ultimately increases productivity, retains customers and improves employee retention. When your voice, video and data network operations are seamless and your critical assets are protected, you can focus on your core competencies.

Building a business on an infrastructure with System Integrity goes beyond these fundamental aspects of network operations.  System Integrity opens up a new world of communication and collaboration beyond what you are already doing and what you already have.  Experience "the power and wonder of being truly connected".

What We Do 

For our Students of Engineering; System Integrity provides world class technical training lead by Cisco Networking Academy Certified Instructors and Engineers. 

For our Corpations and Governmental organizations; System Integrity, LLC delivers world-class design, implementation and integration of computer networking devices, software and applications with global scalability and exceptional integrity.

For our Small and Medium Sized Businesses and Non Profits; System Integrity excels in providing comprehensive cloud base collaboration environments.  The feature-rich, easy-to-use cloud architecture and application ecosystems that we offer provide complete visibility and control of your infrastructure without the need for high cost dedicated staff.  

With System Integrity you are empowered and enabled to focus on developing new revenue generating opportunities, while simutaneously reducing operating costs.