Meraki for Retail

Retail Pic

 Customers deploy Cisco Meraki in diverse environments such as retail, warehouses and corporate offices.


From guest WiFi to line busting and inventory management, Cisco Meraki cloud managed networking lowers operational costs and improves customer experience.

• Wireless access points, switches, and security appliances are optimized for distributed retail locations
• PCI-compliant architecture w/centralized visibility & control,  mPOS and guest WiFi on the same platform
• Intuitive cloud-based management is easy to use and deployed in minutes without training or dedicated staff
• The Cisco Meraki cloud architecture saves 50% over traditional networking solutions

Case Study

"Design Within Reach" Enhances Customer Experience with Nationwide In-Store WiFi


  • 100% cloud-managed wireless APs and security appliances provide a complete PCI-compliant network for the company’s headquarters, 47 retail stores, and distribution warehouse
  • Nationwide deployment completed in less than a month, without outside contractors or specialized on-site IT staff
  • Features including built-in stateful firewall with user policies, isolated guest access with LAN protection, WPA2-Enterprise authentication, and rogue AP detection ensure PCI compliance at all locations
  • Director of IT centrally manages all sites through web-based dashboard, monitoring more than 300 GB of monthly traffic
  • In-store guest WiFi drives time spent in store, allows customers using DWR’s custom web app to mock-up designs & increases overall sales

“Cisco Meraki products give us powerful new tools to provide the security, capacity, and management that we need in a premium retail environment.”

Dynamic Retail Analytics

Turn your customers into loyal promoters

  • Measure presence by tracking the number and types of connected clients
  • Customize sign-on splash pages and integrate network sign-on with your CRM database via Meraki’s extensible APIs
  • Drive store visits through targeted, timely offers to mobile devices
  • Increase foot traffic and lengthen dwell time with in-store mobile customer engagement
  • Identify client shopping trends by analyzing user web traffic